We believe in Science and Logic as much as we love Art. We believe that success is not a prerogative of the few. It is also not just about money! We are relentless, always dig deep and do find a way!
Focused on health and beauty consumer packaged goods.

We are a full suite brand story firm covering the entire dimension from story-led brand strategy, brand story creation to brand story diffusion. Both a strategy and creative firm!

Working with dozens of health & beauty consumer packaged goods cos, I can vouch that it isn’t higher marketing budgets, analysis( paralysis) of data and digital marketing or hiring expensive creative agencies or creating more marketing plans that worked. But, once, I added the missing link, “ Brand Story”, every kind of content worked! A powerful brand story multiplies all content ROI to an extent you don’t need ads. With reduced investment, sales and profits increase manifold!

Raison d’être of StorySaves( Our Why)-
We imagine a world full of conscious, CPG brands that are great for consumers, planet and people. We imagine a world where these conscious CPG brands become a source of inspiration on how business can be a force for good!

How we participate?-By helping any conscious CPG founder/marketer who feels challenged by inadequate resources to grow their business profitably!


Rohit Banota

Chief Brand Story Officer

A Queen’s MBA with over 15 years of experience in Consumer Packaged Goods with companies like P&G and AB InBev( SAB Miller) as well as creating, launching and growing multiple US & Canadian CPG brands in health and beauty.

Rohit has dedicated last few years helping health and beauty brands, without the resources and advertising budgets of Tier 1 companies, by creating their brand strategies and stories, and then spreading those stories resulting in sustainable and profitable growth.

As passionate about stories, business and brand strategy, Rohit loves music esp. all kinds of rock, an avid reader from Shakespeare to Daniel Kahneman, and a movie connoisseur, with interests ranging from Kubrick to Tarantino!