To make a difference to beauty brands that are low on resources but big on dreams.


For Emerging Beauty Brands( Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch)


We know that you have tried everything from social media, creative agencies, consumer shows, seo, paid ads, and content marketing only to walk a mile and realize you missed the hole.
And that you feel only if you had the budgets and resources you could deliver results for your brand to grow big and earn the respect and recognition of your peers & the industry.
No marketing will deliver high ROI unless it is preceded by an Envied Brand, which has an Envied Brand Story, the magic wand.
It is not the resources but the returns on your resources that matter.
Envied Brand Story comes before digital marketing, creatives, SEO, any content and all marketing.
Also, brand story is not the same as storytelling on social media or any media nor is it only a page about the founder on your website.
An Envied Brand Story is the core emotional promise experienced coherently at every touchpoint.
We came up with that definition first if not the only one!


We deliver sharp and profitable growth by transforming your brand into an Envied Beauty Brand with our strategic approach to brand story motivating your consumers into becoming your tribe, drastically reducing your cost and effort of content and media while simultaneously increasing the ROI due to emotional resonance for accelerating the right consumer acquisition.


(Strategic approach to brand story)

For limited budgets, leveraging only what you currently have, we will take a strategic approach to your brand story reforming into an envied beauty brand for sharp and profitable (aim 10x), resource independent, organic growth kickstarted from day 1.

An Envied Brand Story delivers

Lower cost of consumer acquisition, higher loyalty, higher consumer lifetime value, with tribes, even higher loyalty and lifetime value, higher profitability with premium pricing, easier listing with retailers 
and direct to consumer success

Brand and Category Audit

Consumer Research

Brand Vision

Brand DNA

Brand Positioning

Master Content Document

Tag Line

Brand Tribe Strategy

For Established Indie Beauty Brands

Brand Strategy

(Story-led brand strategy)

Brand Strategy helps achieve your short and long term goals leading to your vision, with an envied brand at the center, driving the core strength of your brand at every touchpoint, internal and external, while focusing on an opportunity within the matrix of competition, consumer, category, and channel and one that you are uniquely placed to take advantage of, validated by a success signal that delivers higher profitability.

This includes brand story.

Brand Lifecycle Strategy: Launch, Growth or Reinvent Strategy

Situational Strategy: Startup, Turnaorund, Focus, or Reinvent Strategy



Rohit helped me crystallize my brand's point of difference and reason for being. I hired him to help with brand story and the result of his insightful questions, research and advice was a clarified direction for my company that I believe will lead to better resonance with potential customers and higher profitability. He is an independent thinker in an industry that is full of trend followers. Thanks Rohit!

Allison Callaway, Founder @ Activist Collective Skin Care

Rohit helped us formulate and conceive a brand story that embodies our mission. He helped us think about how we structure our narrative and present us to the world. He is accessible and flexible— exactly what you need for such an important role.

Jeremy Gardner
, CEO and Founder @ MadeMan

Rohit demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the beauty industry along with an ahead of the curve knowledge of branding concepts. He helped refresh our brand with a brand story that has yielded noticeable changes in business results in a short period of time. We have formed a great relationship since we first started working together.

Linda Zaurrini, CEO @ LaVigne Natural SkinCare

I had the wonderful experience of working with Rohit in 2019-20 in order to create a new story for my brand, Clean Kiss. I knew I found the right partner to work with right away as he stood out from the sea of other marketing consultants offering to help me design a new brand story. His approach was truly remarkably different from the others. He operates from facts not opinions; data vs. hunches. He is willing to customize to your individual needs. As a brand founder I needed his expertise in the skincare/beauty industry to move my brand to the next level. He went above and beyond our deliverables to help me execute on my brand story. I highly recommend Rohit if you are looking for a partner to help you take your brand to the next level.

Jodie Pappas
, Founder @ Clean Kiss 

Rohit has great insights and strategies to grow a brand through evangelism marketing. He has certainly helped us in becoming more laser focused in our brand priorities and communication with a wholesome brand story. I would highly recommend his services for any company or brand looking at creating a powerful brand story that will build a strong community around it.

Julius Lim
, Founder @ B&B Labs

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